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POSTED: June 22, 2018 You can also keep up to date on out official youtube channel!

Welcome to Kryptic Studios!

POSTED: June 22, 2018. Here is where we will post updates and changes to our games. Enjoy!

Our Games!


  • There are currenly no games published.


  • There are currenly no games in beta stage.

Working On!

About Kryptic Studio!

Kryptic Studio was founded by Kenneth Carman, late in the year of 2016. Here at Kryptic Studio, we want to make games that are enjoyable to people. What makes the workplace fun is that we are having fun making something fun. If the devlopers are not having fun then the games wont be either.

About the Devs!

Kryptic Devs!

Kenneth Carman



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